About Mike Wolfe

Born with two paralyzed vocal chords, Mike Wolfe knows what it’s like to overcome adversity.

A born fighter, Mike Wolfe is a Native Houstonian and graduate of the University of St. Thomas who is serving his second term as your Harris County School Trustee. In this role, Wolfe has proven himself as a principled, conservative fighter. As your Justice of the Peace, he will continue to represent your values.

Mike Wolfe Represents Our Values

Mike Wolfe with his nieces

Servant Leader

Mike Wolfe has been serving in the trenches, helping to elect many fellow conservative warriors since he was a teenager. Mike has a strong reputation as a servant leader in our community and routinely donates his time and resources to make Harris County stronger. Recognizing this, fellow grassroots conservatives elected Mike as a Texas Delegate to the 2016 GOP National Convention.

Man of Faith & Family

When his mom suffered a devastating stroke, Mike became her primary caregiver. He devoted two years of his life to caring for her – including holding her hand and praying with her during the final hours of her life. An active member of Second Baptist Church, he is a pro-life Christian who is a strong supporter of traditional marriage.

Judicial Role Models

A strong supporter of President Trump and the 2nd Amendment, Mike Wolfe believes in limited government and delivering justice fairly for all. His judicial role models are Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia, and Bill Yeoman – the former Justice of the Peace in this court.

Background and Accomplishments

• Strong Supporter of Traditional Marriage

• Strong Constitutional Conservative

• Strong Pro Life & Pro Family Christian

• Elected County-wide Multiple Times

• Lifelong Native Houstonian

• TX Delegate, 2016 GOP National Convention

• Life Member, Houston Livestock

Show & Rodeo

• Member, Houston’s Second Baptist Church

• Graduate of the University of St. Thomas

Strong Supporter of President Trump

• Strong Supporter of the 2nd Amendment

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